The electronic rock music genre, more so in the United Kingdom plays an influential role in the society. Crowds of people investing heavily to attend rock gigs and purchasing rock albums signify that this genre has a special place in the hearts of UK residents. Here are some of the top electronic albums in the UK.


It was the second album by the Black Sabbath rock band released in the 70s.  The album is recognized among the top ones in the UK Albums Chart. It includes hit tracks such as War Pigs, Iron Man, and Paranoid. The album was released in the UK in September 1970 with only eight tracks. The single “Paranoid” boosted the success of sales of the album in large numbers.

Favourite Worst Nightmare

After releasing their debut album, “Whatever People Say I am, That’s what I’m Not,” the Arctic Monkeys released their 2nd album on April 18th, 2007. The album was under the production of Mike Crossey and James Ford. Brainstorm, Florescent Adolescent, and Teddy Picker are some of the album’s single tracks. The album topped the UK Albums Chart even though it made fewer sales compared to their first album. The album had 14 tracks, two of which were Japanese editions.

Kid A by Radiohead

After they faced several challenges and decided to diverge into electronic music, the band made it through and produced their first electoral rock album.  The album was released in October 2000.

The UK continues to receive new albums from its ever-growing list of rock musicians. These are welcome additions to an already awesomely rich list.


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