The UK has gifted the world with the most influential rock bands in the world. These bands have shaped the electronic rock genre into what it is today. They made a major impact in the music industry, especially on this particular genre. Some of the work from these iconic Bands remain popular even to date. Here are some of the greatest bands in the history of the UK.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd has produced the most successful electronic rock albums in the UK. The band is perceived as the most eccentric group with distinct works such as The Wall, Wish You Were Here, and The Dark Side of the Moon. The foursome band dominated the rock music genre for a lengthy time.

Led Zeppelin

You cannot mention the top ten greatest electronic rock bands with Led Zeppelin off the list. The band comprised four talented members namely Robert Plant, John Paul, Jimmy Page, and John Bonham, who combined their musical talent to form one of the greatest rock bands in the UK. In their time, their influence and dominance are undeniable, and their musical prowess unmatched.


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Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, and Tommy were the guys who founded the band and put electronic rock music on the globe. Their first album arguably is one of the most phenomenal albums for the Ramones. However, the band produced the most liked album in the early 70s by Phil Spector named End of the Century.  For the first time, the album recognized pop punk and made an in-depth connection between pop-rock and punks.

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